An exciting facelift for Natasha Walker Associates

2022 looks different – at least on my website! Fresh, energetic and focused – like sunshine. I love the new colours and shapes and can’t wait for you to see it! I’m your facilitator. And after 27 years of doing this job, I’m as fresh, energetic and focused as ever! The pandemic was an important learning space on all levels – I guess that’s what triggered my new look. Travel disappeared and seemingly paradoxically gave way to more inclusive and international dialogue. Parenting, gardening and simply being at home took on a new and wonderful intensity. My focus – always intensely hooked to the „here and now“ became more holistic – hitting all the senses and yet leading to greater calm and rejuvenation. I’ve never felt more energetic – and apparently it shows, even on a zoom call. Thank you to all my clients, participants and colleagues for the many opportunities to make your dialogues count and transform your organisations and processes.

Looking forward to a hybrid world of deliberation, discussion and change!

Best of thanks to Esther and Claudia at for your guidance and inspiration!

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