I’m a consultant for change, communication and process design and love facilitation because I’m able to help people solve their problems themselves, to create ideas which can actually work, to make difficult decisions and to enjoy doing what human beings (can) do best: growing, improving things and having fun.

I’m 51 and have 28 years of international experience as a change and communication consultant. My work entails intense periods of designing and preparing change processes, and many facilitated workshops, conferences and events in boardrooms, congress centres, film studios and zoom calls. I’m at home with both small and large groups, serving clients from excellent companies and governmental and societal organisations. I bridge gaps and bring the right people to the table to unstick and move issues forward. My work’s all about change. What a privilege!

Years of consultancy
Number of facilitations each year
Countries active in
Hours spent facilitating (at least)



09/ 2020 – 01/2021
Online Training “The Neuroscience of Change”, Coaches Rising


Seit 01/2020
Improv-Ausbildung bei Improtheater Mannheim
(derzeit wegen COVID-19 unterbrochen)


DIPR (German Institute for Public Relations), Hamburg
“PR-Training” (advanced level)


2001 / 2005
www.klienundteam.at, Austria “Whole Person Process Facilitation”
State University of New York, USA
“International Marketing, 3 week stipend for professionals”


1995 / 1998
Krupp Consult, Freiburg, Deutschland
Facilitation training and Mentoring


1990 – 1994
University of Oxford, UK
2:1 Joint Honours Degree (M.A. Oxon)
in English Literature and Modern Languages (German)


University of Göttingen, Germany, German as a foreign language

Professional experience

01/2010 – today
Owner, Natasha Walker Associates, Heidelberg
International facilitation and communication, change and strategy consulting
Client focus: (international) industry and businesses, governments and public organisations, philanthropy, SME


2006 – 2009
Head of “Dialogue Communication” for change and strategy development processes
Facilitator, IFOK GmbH


1995 – 2006
Project manager for facilitation, PR and communication
IFOK GmbH, Bensheim


Intern in Corporate Communications (focus: political communication)
BASF SE, Ludwigshafen


1994 – 1995
Trainer English Language, Eloquia Language School, Mannheim

Mindset & Values

Participation must promote the efficiency and effectiveness of change and strategy processes.
Form follows function: I focus on results, not methods.


I love to enable change.

I value my clients, partners and members of my networks as friends and seek to serve their interests and needs.

I am totally trustworthy.

I am fascinated by human interaction and dedicated to listening and creating mutual understanding.

I do not judge and enjoy experiencing and empowering human diversity.

I actively oppose prejudice and chauvinism.

Form follows function: I focus on results and create/adapt the methods to achieve them.

Thanks to Steven Wilkinson for animating me to think about these and put them down in writing.

This website also contains a blog to contain some of my thoughts and experiences on facilitation. Please consider it a discussion on facilitation and the facilitator role. I’d like to find out about what you think and interact with the global community of facilitators and those who see the benefits of being facilitated!

My passion in poetry